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Craaaaaaazy Train

Feb 15 2012
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Been getting some love for my acoustic rendition of Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train” from KPRI 102.1fm San Diego’s “Sunday Morning Unplugged”. Show runs from 7am-11am and the wonderful host Jodina has played it 2 weeks in a row! This has prompted them to forward me emails from listeners and I have been getting hit with texts, calls and emails from friends and fans as well.
I always get lots of requests for it when I perform live and it is truly one of my favorite recordings that I’ve done to date. Kudos to friends and fellow singer/songwriters Cathryn Beeks & Jeff Berkley for their beautiful background vocals and Berkley’s production of the song. KPRI was already my favorite radio station because they play a lot of singer/songwriter based stuff. You can listen live on your computer, from anywhere in the world, and dare you make a request as well at
I love my hometown and this put a smile on me sooo big, I think it swallowed my face!

In celebration, I’m including a link to the video my friend and fellow musician Amy Castner did a while back before moving to Austin, TX. What can I say……I’m surrounded by talented angels!
[Watch The Crazy Train Video]

Thank You

Feb 2 2012
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I want to take this opportunity to tell you how much I appreciate your patience and support over the past couple of months! The passing of my Grandpa Jack and absence of my lost dog, put me through a rough patch and I had to take a break. Your messages of condolence and efforts to help me find Redford really eased my mind and helped me realize I did all I could during that time. The Street Corner Concert Series to raise public awareness in hopes of bringing Redford home, was covered by EVERY local news media outlet! I couldn’t have done that without you! It also reinforced what I had already known, and that is, how blessed I am to be surrounded by such caring and loving people. Although Redford is still missing, I continue to be hopeful of his return, once he’s done chasing rabbits and lapping up spilt beers.

Now it’s time for me to get back to what it is that I do but, with a whole new approach to entertaining you. For those of you not in my hometown of San Diego, I’ll be hitting the road again SOON!