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Help Bring Redford Home!

Jan 6 2012
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My dog is still missing.
I can’t begin to tell you how much I miss him, how much he means to me and how DEVASTATED I am! This happened at a time when my Grandpa Jack, whom I was primary caregiver for the past several years, had entered the hospital and subsequently passed away just after the holidays.

I created a Facebook page to help spread the word and document the ordeal:
Help Bring Redford Home

With the help of some friends I had been able to flyer a substantial area of Clairemont (San Diego suburb) but feel like I could have done more, if not for the circumstances at that time. This is why it is NOW time to step things up!

In an attempt to alert more of the the residents in the area and also get the local news involved, I am spearheading the “Street Corner Music Series”. My musical friends and I will perform at various busy intersections surrounding the area of Redford’s disappearance in hopes that you’ll join us in spreading awareness by taking turns holding up some large signs I will be providing, as well as passing out flyers to the passerbyers.

We will be targeting 2 intersections over the course of this weekend.
The first will be this Sat, Jan 7th at Balboa/Genesee from 10am to 2pm.
The 2nd will be the next day (Sunday) at Linda Vista Rd/Genesee 10am to 2pm
Then 2 more locations in the area the following weekend if necesarry.
I have a PR pro working on the news stations and anticipate them following the story.

I truly believe, with your help, we can bring Redford home!
I hope you’ll join us. Thanks! – C. Dale