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Grandpa Jack

Dec 27 2011
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My 89 year-old Grandpa Jack passed away the day after Christmas with my family and I by his side. He went peacefully after a short stay in the VA Hospital’s Palliative Care Unit where they made him comfortable during his transition. He simply ran out of steam and no longer had an appetite. Those of you who had met him know that he was young at heart, full of stories and connected with people of all ages. His life as a hipster Jazz musician had a big influence on my interest in music that ultimately lead me on my chosen career path. He lived a long full life and will be greatly missed!

This voice mail message he left on my phone a few years ago, ranting about just seeing singer Michael Bolton perform on Larry King Live, is a true testament to the man. Jack KNOWS music! I will always laugh hysterically, no matter how many times I listen to it. An emotion that couldn’t come in more handy at this time. Thanks Gramps!

Click the arrow on the music player below to listen to Grandpa Jack’s take on Michael Bolton.

My Dog Is Missing

Dec 16 2011
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Redford, where are you?!

Redford is a 20lb Neutered Male, Red & Tan Terrier Mix with a feathered tail. Very friendly. Dug under my Grandpa Art’s fence on Thursday, Dec. 15th in the Fox Run development between the MT. Streets and Genesee Ave. in Clairemont (San Diego suburb). He was wearing a collar and yellow ID tag. I miss him more than I can say!