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Nov 28 2011
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Day 1 is a re-enactment of Thanksgiving Day with all the fixings. The LAST Last Supper! Loosen belt, unbutton top button on pants, let t-shirt hang out to cover it all up.
(note: don’t forget to reverse previous steps before standing up, which could be quite a task in itself, standing up, that is.)
Day 2 thru ??? – It’s all about turkey from here on out! Turkey tacos, turkey soup, turkey sammies, turkey jerky, turkey ice cream, turkey sleeping pills, turkey…turkey…turkey…….

Day ??? to ??? – Slip into a food coma, then wake up 2 days later with a flabby neck, dry beak and a craving for fresh green grass.

Hope You Had A Happy Thanksgiving!


Nov 14 2011
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I had a friend once tell me, that I had a perfect face for radio. Although that has haunted and plagued me with constant bouts of insecurity and painful looks into the bathroom mirror for years now, in what could only be described as a great moment of strength, I recently found myself agreeing to shoot a 15-minute Live Performance Video. They assured me there would be a make up artist and promised to do their best with the mug they had to work with. We performed 3 songs as an Acoustic Trio, and we were filmed by 3 cameras. Quixana Productions did a quality job!
Buggles sang, “Video killed the radio star…..” Despite a couple of those “all too close” close ups, I actually survived, but just barely!
Check Out Face 4 Radio…..oops….I mean the C. Dale Trio video HERE