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3 Hour Tour

Oct 24 2011
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Last Wednesday found the acoustic trio aboard the Hornblower Inspiration for KPRIfm’s Private Listener Concert opening for Atlantic Record’s Need To Breathe. Having a captive audience of just under 800 people, cruising around San Diego Bay made me wanna purchase a boat to host all our future shows and hire Ginger & Mary Ann as cocktail servers. Much more relaxed than lock & chaining all the exit doors at the local club, like we usually do. I remember thinking though, as we pulled out of port, “If we should be hijacked by pirates, should I try and win them over with the Waitress song or the theme from Love Boat?” Which brings me to the next question, “What would Captain Stubbing do?”

Tequila Sunrise

Oct 10 2011
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You’ve heard the Eagles song. You’ve had the drink.
I had the pleasure of indulging in this Tequila Sunrise, during my recent trip to San Felipe, on the back patio of my friend Terry’s place at approx. 6:30am.
Unfortunately, the Cerveza Sunset occurred during my nap!

Between a smile and a wedge of lime
There’s no need to keep track of time
No such thing as a bad day
When you’re in San Felipe


Oct 4 2011
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What do you call a person who hangs out with musicians? A drummer.
Thanks to my bandmate and drummer Bill Coomes for sharing this pic with me.
Love ya man! 🙂