As a traveling musician, you not only collect Taco Bell wrappers and gas receipts along the way, but lots of interesting stories.

Like the time in NJ that I played “Waitress” for the Chief of Police, at 3am in the parking lot of a bar, and I began to uncontrollably hiccup all the way through the song. Turns out he was more of a classic rock fan anyway. Or the time in Florida, when a dog jumped up on stage and started running circles around me before peeing on a speaker pole. That brought a whole new meaning to the question, “Who let the dogs out”. An elderly, drunken gentleman once put a $20 tip in the hole of my guitar, as I was playing, and somehow I didn’t skip a beat. Still not quite sure how we pulled that one off. With no rehearsal, I might add!

These are just some of the stories that make THIS Friday’s Storytellers Singer/Songwriter Showcase, a show you don’t want to miss! Like the time a very attractive girl road her unicycle to the radio station of San Diego’s #1 morning radio show, with my CD in her hand, and hijacked an hour of airtime. That was one of the most AWESOME stories EVER!