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A Word From My Sponsor?!

Aug 29 2011
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Baby Steps!
Hi, my name is Christopher Dale and I’m a singer/songwriter. It’s OK though, I’ve come to terms with the fact that I have a problem and am taking it one day at a time.
Here are a few steps that are helping me cope with this terrible disease:

1) I have admitted that I’m powerless over music. There are just some songs on the radio that make living unmanageable.
2) I realized GOD doesn’t have a radio.
3) I’ve turned off the radio.
4) I no longer think of the day job I quit as CEO of a Fortune 500 company.
5) I’ve learned to believe that Top Ramen is a viable source of nutrition.
6) I found that Rite Aid has the best prices on alcohol.

That’s as far as I’ve gotten.

Have I Got A Story For You!

Aug 22 2011
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As a traveling musician, you not only collect Taco Bell wrappers and gas receipts along the way, but lots of interesting stories.

Like the time in NJ that I played “Waitress” for the Chief of Police, at 3am in the parking lot of a bar, and I began to uncontrollably hiccup all the way through the song. Turns out he was more of a classic rock fan anyway. Or the time in Florida, when a dog jumped up on stage and started running circles around me before peeing on a speaker pole. That brought a whole new meaning to the question, “Who let the dogs out”. An elderly, drunken gentleman once put a $20 tip in the hole of my guitar, as I was playing, and somehow I didn’t skip a beat. Still not quite sure how we pulled that one off. With no rehearsal, I might add!

These are just some of the stories that make THIS Friday’s Storytellers Singer/Songwriter Showcase, a show you don’t want to miss! Like the time a very attractive girl road her unicycle to the radio station of San Diego’s #1 morning radio show, with my CD in her hand, and hijacked an hour of airtime. That was one of the most AWESOME stories EVER!

I Write….In The Middle Of The Night

Aug 15 2011
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Many a night, I wake up sometime between 1am and 3am and can’t go back to sleep. Wide awake, I like to take advantage of this quiet time, to work my craft. It’s a whole lot better than tossing & turning as the sheep I’m counting, mock my every move! Back, side, stomach, other side, back again. Baaaahahahaha…

This is usually my most productive time. No phone calls, text messages, emails or solicitors vying for my time. Just me, my pen and paper. That’s right…..old school! Don’t you dare open up that laptop mister, and fall prey to the temptation of Internet Explorer when all you were suppose to do is open up MS Word! Or even worse, turn on the TV! You think daytime programming is bad? The commercials alone……well, I am a little intrigued with the whole chat line thing. Do you think that hot looking girl from the TV ad, whose chatting with me on the other end of the line, is really into me?
To each their own……pen and paper.

And The Winner Is……

Aug 9 2011
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Drum Roll Please….
There I was last night, 7 minutes into the 2011 San Diego Music Awards show. Dynamite Walls just opened with 2 songs and now it’s time for the first category of the evening…….”Best Pop Album”?! Hey, that’s my category! I’m not even sure if I had a sip of my beer yet. I’m the first nominee announced at the event as they continue to scroll down the list of my competition. The words, “And the winner is….”, leave the lips of the presenter and I dash to the….bar. 0 for 9…..streak intact! That’s quite an accomplishment in itself, when you think about it. One more and then I’ll have to start using my toes! Thanks for all your support and well wishes!
You make me feel like a winner….therefore…I am!

Someone Thinks I’m Handsome!

Aug 2 2011
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SanDiego.Com says,
“….you might have noticed a handsome, mopped-top singer/songwriter….playing his heart out for a crowd of homey local regulars and new converts as he has been for the past sixteen years. His name is Christopher Dale.

Some people in the local music industry like to joke that our man Dale, a mellow dude who cares full time for his aging grandpa when not singing and composing, is the Susan Lucci of the San Diego music scene – meaning that he’s always nominated for awards and never wins……”

It’s always nice to be recognized for more that just my brain!

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