Kids Rock!

Jul 25 2011

Throughout my music career, I’ve had some pretty amazing moments.
Singing the National Anthem for Independence Day at Dodger Stadium, performing at the American Music Awards after-party, 9 career San Diego Music Award nominations and the unicycle girl! But, it seems the ones that really knock me for a loop are those involving kids. Performing in elementary schools always makes me feel special because the kids are so enthusiastic!
They sing along to all the words and want me to autograph everything from their foreheads to their shoes! I usually defer to a piece of paper or their notebook so as to not upset their parents with any Sharpie tattoos that could become responsible for them never wanting to bathe ever again.
The music video for my song “Friend” with the 3rd & 4th graders of Warren-Walker is at the top of my list of accomplishments.

Now meet Jordan! A 13 year-old boy I met at a performance I made earlier this month at Old CA Coffee House. He introduced himself and told me he had recently started playing guitar and we chatted for a bit. Later that night he sent me an email telling me I was awesome and to keep doing what I’m doing.
Then I got another email from him this weekend with a link to Youtube and his rendition of my song “Addicted”. OMG! All the memories of starting out around that age came rushing back! Jordan, keep doing what you’re doing!

Check out Jordan’s rendition of “Addicted” HERE