4th of July

Jun 27 2011

Ah, next Monday! We all share the common ingredients for the independence celebration such as fireworks, BBQ & booze, then add our own little regional flair. In San Diego, as the pyrotechnics painted the sky, we’d be on the beach having the biggest marshmallow fight you’d ever seen. A virtual snow storm of mushy madness. Now that our good friend, Al Cohaul, has been banned from the sand, we scramble for a new plan. As adults we can’t have marshmallow fights without drinking! That would be like suggesting karaoke for your next AA meeting.

I’m sure we’ll follow Al where ever he leads us. Last year it was a huge water balloon fight with catapults and slingshots at a block party. Trash cans full of H2O hand grenades! Pretty awesome, until one hit my beer and knocked it over. Luckily I got to it in time and was able to revive it with a little mouth to mouth resuscitation. If that would’ve been on the beach, in the sand, he would’ve been a goner!
Have a fun and safe 4th of July!