Father’s Day
6am comes much too early for a Sunday. Any day for that fact!
Here I am hosting Karaoke for a friends B-day the night before, then snoring….uh, I mean soaring through 2 solo sets on the beach at 7:30am for “Surfing For A Cure” the next morning. I must be a sucker for B-days & Charity because I broke two of the biggest Rock & Roll rules there are, 1) No Karaoke & 2) No waking up before Noon. Later that day, Dad helped re-establish my street cred by having my sister, gramps and I meet him at a biker bar to celebrate the proven fact that he has had an intimate encounter, at least twice, in his lifetime. I sat in with the band, winked at a few cougars and Rock & Roll was once again, alive and well!
Cheers Dad!