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4th of July

Jun 27 2011
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Ah, next Monday! We all share the common ingredients for the independence celebration such as fireworks, BBQ & booze, then add our own little regional flair. In San Diego, as the pyrotechnics painted the sky, we’d be on the beach having the biggest marshmallow fight you’d ever seen. A virtual snow storm of mushy madness. Now that our good friend, Al Cohaul, has been banned from the sand, we scramble for a new plan. As adults we can’t have marshmallow fights without drinking! That would be like suggesting karaoke for your next AA meeting.

I’m sure we’ll follow Al where ever he leads us. Last year it was a huge water balloon fight with catapults and slingshots at a block party. Trash cans full of H2O hand grenades! Pretty awesome, until one hit my beer and knocked it over. Luckily I got to it in time and was able to revive it with a little mouth to mouth resuscitation. If that would’ve been on the beach, in the sand, he would’ve been a goner!
Have a fun and safe 4th of July!

Oh Father Where Art I?

Jun 21 2011
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Father’s Day
6am comes much too early for a Sunday. Any day for that fact!
Here I am hosting Karaoke for a friends B-day the night before, then snoring….uh, I mean soaring through 2 solo sets on the beach at 7:30am for “Surfing For A Cure” the next morning. I must be a sucker for B-days & Charity because I broke two of the biggest Rock & Roll rules there are, 1) No Karaoke & 2) No waking up before Noon. Later that day, Dad helped re-establish my street cred by having my sister, gramps and I meet him at a biker bar to celebrate the proven fact that he has had an intimate encounter, at least twice, in his lifetime. I sat in with the band, winked at a few cougars and Rock & Roll was once again, alive and well!
Cheers Dad!

Meet Redford

Jun 13 2011
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Rescued from the desert by my friend Lynn Steele, in the short time I’ve had him he’s learned how to sit, lay and shake. He chases the ball and even brings it back sometimes.
I’m really excited about his potential! I can’t wait for him to learn how to cook, clean and fetch…….me a beer.
Long Live Redford!

Getting Sleepy

Jun 6 2011
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Who needs sleeping pills?! All I have to do is hit the couch, turn on the TV and within 10-15 minutes, I’m out! Sometimes, when I put in a DVD, I try to fight it. I’ll fade, then wake up and rewind until I see something familiar. This action can be repeated more times then I care to admit, turning an hour and a half movie into a 3-hour tour, a 3-hour tour! Thanks Skipper! All for not though, as the couch delivers the final knock-out blow, steals the change from my pockets and I end up having to wake up the next morning,
rewind until I see something familiar, and watch the rest of the movie.
Therapy hasn’t help solve the problem either. I wake up in the middle of the session, on some strange couch, and start looking for the remote.