Ah…..yes! Always interesting, never boring, the good old road!
Let’s see, think I’ll try and summarize things in a little diddy.
Flight delay, $9 beers, 2 of my greatest fears. Only 15 minutes to all board the plane or face another 4 hours of airport pain. We made it thanks to some east coast shouts, “Hurry up and sit down or will knock you out!” Arrived at 1:30am, and that made me sad. Too late for my ride so I took a $70 cab! This is where the story turns around. In the basement where I would be sleeping, a bar could be found. A night cap or two and I was in bed. The next night for dinner the Mexican pork I smuggled with me we all were fed. A great show in North Jersey the next night did ring. Ended up in a bar after and still wanted to sing. Before the next set of the house band could begin. My friends and I sang, “Sweet Caroline”, acapella, at the whole place joined in. The next day in South Jersey, it wasn’t a dream. I performed in front of a shop that sells my favorite dessert, ICE CREAM!
Train, cab, bus, subway and cab again. Made it from NJ via NYC now Boston, Here I am!