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Life Is…..

May 31 2011
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Life Is Short!
As exemplified by the ominous presence of fast food, texting while driving and midget wrestling. In the words of Generation Why,

What’s That You Say?

May 24 2011
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I read a while back that Bob Dylan was in negotiations with a car company to be the voice of their GPS system. I kid you not! Apparently, the only time we CAN’T understand what he’s saying, is when he’s SINGING! Or, maybe it’s for people like me who are looking for an excuse to get lost on their way to the ballet.

Speaking of lost, after watching some episodes of The Osbournes, I’m hoping for a new Ozzy Osbourne version of Rosetta Stone so I can finally figure out what the hell he’s talking about!
“Craaaaaazy, well that’s how it goes…”

When in Rome?

May 10 2011
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Ever have a taco on Cinco de Mayo from an Irish pub in New Hampshire?
I thought someone shouted Ole! Turns out, they were really shouting to their friend O’Le…….ary! How ’bout fly flavored beer in Boston? Apparently, while we were being distracted by a couple little flying nats in this Thai restaurant, a few of their parched buddies dove into my friend Colleen’s brew for a bit of a thirst quencher. I was startled when she took a sip and promptly spat it back into the glass. Once I realized what had just happened, I quickly concluded that she must be a vegetarian. “She’ll have the Tofu Pad Thai.”

Seriously though, I love trying new things and once I got my appetite back, I ate lots of yummy food and had a great time in New England!
“Waiter, is that a clam on my burger?!”

Notes From The Road

May 3 2011
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Ah…..yes! Always interesting, never boring, the good old road!
Let’s see, think I’ll try and summarize things in a little diddy.
Flight delay, $9 beers, 2 of my greatest fears. Only 15 minutes to all board the plane or face another 4 hours of airport pain. We made it thanks to some east coast shouts, “Hurry up and sit down or will knock you out!” Arrived at 1:30am, and that made me sad. Too late for my ride so I took a $70 cab! This is where the story turns around. In the basement where I would be sleeping, a bar could be found. A night cap or two and I was in bed. The next night for dinner the Mexican pork I smuggled with me we all were fed. A great show in North Jersey the next night did ring. Ended up in a bar after and still wanted to sing. Before the next set of the house band could begin. My friends and I sang, “Sweet Caroline”, acapella, at the whole place joined in. The next day in South Jersey, it wasn’t a dream. I performed in front of a shop that sells my favorite dessert, ICE CREAM!
Train, cab, bus, subway and cab again. Made it from NJ via NYC now Boston, Here I am!