Ice Cream

Apr 4 2011

So many flavors, so little time! Love it! Wrote a song about the infectious confection, but I’m pretty sure you already know that.
Anything with caramel in it is going to win me over. You?

My grandpa Jack just recently shared a story with me of a time when I was about 3 years-old and we were walking back from the ice cream shop.
Apparently, I was licking away and then suddenly, the scoop fell right off my cone and onto the sidewalk. I then looked up at my Gramps with this confused expression on my face that made my creamy mustache droop. Expecting the tears to start flowing any minute, he said instead of crying, I looked back down, stomped on the melting mess with my sandals and continued walking as I nibbled on the empty cone.
I don’t even know ME!