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Too Much Fun!

Mar 21 2011
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Ah….good old St. Paddy’s Day! I got to eat some of the best corned beef and cabbage EVER! Thanks Matt (guitar) & Joey for the FOOD COMA!
The Guinness Cup Cakes soaked up the Jameson shots nicely and I was taken off life support after only a few hours, then un-honorably discharged after promising that next time, I’d leave some for everybody else.

Short People?!

Mar 14 2011
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As always, I had a blast performing with my friend JD Boucharde last Friday at the Boat Club. One thing that bugs me though, is the fact that, because JD is taller than me, he likes to tease me by playing the song “Short People” by Randy Newman. We’ll, since I have a bit of a sense of humor, I’ve decided to bounce it right back at him with a few verses that can be added in to let him know how I feel about his tall, lanky and boney stature!
Here it goes……

Tall People
Tall people got no reason. Tall people got no reason.
Tall people got no reason to live.
They got long ass legs and big old feet that hang over the bed when they’re asleep. They’ve got to bend way over just to get through the door and when they fall down, boy it hurts even more.
Well I, don’t want no tall people. Don’t want no tall people.
Don’t want no tall people ’round here!

Tall people got nobody. Tall people got nobody.
Tall people got nobody to love.
They’re way up high and look overfed. They’re always setting their drinks on the top of my head. I’m gonna get me an axe and chop’em all down.
Then holler TIMBER before they hit the ground.
Well I, don’t want no tall people. Don’t want no tall people.
don’t want no tall people ’round here!


Loose Change!

Mar 7 2011
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Why not gamble with it…..uh…..I mean donate it to a charity such as Lost Wages?! I have a washer & dryer. Vending machines and jukeboxes now take dollar bills. It never gets factored into my income, so how am I supposed to miss it? Really, unless you like jangling around town like your delivering presents on Christmas Eve in a sleigh pulled by reindeer, put it in a jar and save it for Vegas!
They need all the help they can get. Have you seen their electric bill?!
Plus, every time I sit down on the couch, it falls outta my pocket. Then I lift up the cushions and find little snacks that haven’t quite finished biodegrading yet. I don’t need to see that!