…..Christina Aguilera sing the National Anthem at this year’s Super Bowl on Sunday? What a voice, only to be overshadowed by flubbing the lyrics to our nation’s most important song, in front of 111 million viewers. I feel for her! I know what it’s like to mess up lyrics, having done so on occasion, to my very own songs! You can get distracted sometimes thinking about things like, “Am I having a good hair day?” “I miss the way my grandma used to pinch my cheeks.” or “Is that person sitting at table 4 gonna eat that last chicken wing?”

I had the pleasure, a few years back, of singing the National Anthem at Dodger Stadium for their Independence Day Fireworks Celebration. Even though two-thirds of the crowd was either caught in traffic or tailgating in the parking lot, it was a thrilling moment that I’m very proud of, nonetheless!
Although, as I belted out the last line, a few fighter planes did a thunderous fly by, and consequently drowned me and the glorious applause, OUT!
As I remained on the field gazing around the stadium, awaiting the applause I hadn’t realized I had missed, security came and escorted me off. While that was a bit embarrassing, at least this time, I didn’t flub the lyrics.