The freak accident and tragic loss of friend & band mate Nicki Carano, when a tree fell on her car as she was driving to a gig on Sunday, Jan 31st, is inconceivable at this time. Too young, beautiful, talented and kind. I am blessed with the memories I have with her. From being her high school prom date to the music we created together that not only made us happy, but also those around us. She is a Rock Star! But not your typical Rock Star. The kind of Rock Star that Rock Stars should inspire to be. Yes she was explosive, engaging and mesmerizing on stage, yet compassionate, caring, incredibly unselfish, genuine at all times and always helping others. She is in a class all by herself. She was a gift to so many. Unforgettable. Irreplaceable. My heart goes out to the Carano Family, her boyfriend Lonnie, and all those she has touched so lovingly.
I love and miss you Nicki.

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“Do No Wrong” @ San Diego County Fair w/ Nicki Carano (drums/vocals) –
Matt Silvia (bass/vocals) – Elise Ohki (violin)

Listen to the title track from the latest release “Middle Of Nowhere” featuring Nicki on drums & backing vocals, below.

“Middle Of Nowhere” EP available exclusively through ChristopherDaleMusic.com and/or live shows.
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